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Taking Care of Yourself

During the days of a pandemic . . .

The days stretch before us, and we can’t see the when the end is coming. The uncertainty and danger can cause great anxiety. When you add the restrictions of staying at home, loss of income, we can be in a world of turmoil. Besides — who has all the toilet paper????

As I prepared for a grief seminar in February I created a checklist for wellness and self-care to use when a person is grieving. As our confined days have turned into weeks, I find that I need more structure to my day, more words from God’s Word, and reminders to take care of myself. I offer these checklists here. You can download them print them off to place in a spot where you will be reminded of First Things First.

A Wellness Check is making sure you are doing the important things to keep yourself healthy in body and spirit. A Self-Care Check reminds you to be sure you are refilling in some creative way. Spring Cleaning is not for everyone, but I know some folks who feel so much better when a closet is reorganized! You can download the file for the wellness card in the link below the cards.

I pray this psalm using “our” and “us” meaning: our nearest and dearest, church family, community, city, state, country, world.

In these days of pandemic in the year of 2020,

May our Jehovah God (Yahweh) answer our cries.

May the God of Jacob keep us safe from this virus so we will not be the carriers or the infected.

May He send us help (a cure, treatment, vaccine) and strengthen us.

May the LORD accept our petitions and cries.

As we align our desires to His will, grant our heart’s desires and fulfill our plans (that come from You, LORD).

May we sing joyously on the day victory is declared, and we can once again gather in community.

May Jehovah Rapa (our healer), Jehovah Yireh (our provider), El Shaddai (God Almighty), Jehovah Shalom (God of Peace):

         heal our sick,

         keep us safe from the virus,

         give our leaders wisdom to guide and provide protection for us,

         keep health workers safe from harm,

         show the indifferent and selfish how their risks affect many,

         give all first responders the protection they need to meet daily needs,

         bless the poor, marginalized, and weakest among us with the comfort they need.

open our eyes to the needs around us.

Now, Elohim (the Sovereign God, our Creator),

 We know You rescued our King Jesus and that You will answer from heaven and rescue us by Your great power.