PROGRESS REPORT: 10 things I’ve learned after foot surgery

It’s been quite a summer for health issues for me. A routine endoscopy resulted in a knick in my esophagus and a gastric bleed. Three days in the hospital, a blood transfusion, and two months of anemia kept me on the couch and postponed the foot surgery I needed until the first of October.

My left foot pain became so severe this summer that I could only wear flipflops (Skecher brand). I needed bunion removal and fusion of the arch for the painful arthritis.

In 2007 I had the same surgery as I had In October. It required eight weeks off work, foot in a boot and no weight on it. I used a rollator and moved around the house fairly well. I continued to use it when I went back to school until I was back to speed.

Much to my surprise the rehab for the surgery this month has been more challenging than in 2007. Here’s what I’ve learned in the last five weeks.

Home from the hospital with a nerve block. Feeling NO PAIN and foot elevated to reduce swelling, etc.

My post on Facebook with this picture before surgery said I had what I needed for recovery. Ha!

1. The knee scooter was not the great improvement I expected. Carpet is the enemy of all these devices. Plus it needs a wide arc for turning. I found myself picking it up to turn around.

2. My 72-year-old body is not as flexible, cooperative, or agile as it was as a 60-year-old! I find myself unable to maneuver from couch to knee scooter or rollator. My balance is laughable which is what Larry and I do when I start down the steps and just fall into his 6’2″ frame. I’ve fallen out of the wheelchair, the knee scooter, crutches, and the rollator. Thankfully, no broken bones, just bruises.

3. The extra 10 or 15 pounds around my middle (okay, probably 20) do not help!

4. My good knee – the one that was replaced in 2012 – cannot take all this bodyweight alone! I can’t wreck this good knee, so I’m back to wearing a brace. (I’ve learned not to get rid of any of my orthopedic equipment).

5. A wheelchair is my friend these days. I borrowed two different types and found this snazzy red one to work well once Larry cleared all the clutter off the floors.

6. This walker has come in handy in this room and my closet.

7. It takes lots of planning to get me out of the house. Three steps down to the remodeled garage require sitting on the steps, moving down slowly and then to the wheelchair, through the crowded office, and very carefully part way down the steep driveway. Larry moves the car up on the grass as near to the door as possible. The second option is to place a large rug on the front steps, which are made of rough river-washed stone, and I scoot down to the wheelchair.

8. My husband has gone above and beyond expectations as a caregiver!

9. Teaching Bible class Sunday morning. I have been teaching for the past two Sunday mornings. Gotta keep that foot up, no matter what!

10. It is now the sixth week of recovery and I can tell a huge difference. As soon as the doctor gives me the word, I’m ready to drive! I can now make it to the car at the bottom of the driveway using the metal walker. The end is near!

3 thoughts on “PROGRESS REPORT: 10 things I’ve learned after foot surgery

  1. Stella Walker

    I love the way you thought you were prepared for after surgery. Life has a way of derailing us! I tried using a knee scooter once and it was a disaster! I enjoyed all of the notes that were full of humor. Thanks for sharing. You’re a tough lady! Blessings, Stella


  2. Ruth Shoaf

    Thanks for the update. Life gets tough sometimes, but I have every confidence in your strength and will to overcome whatever crosses your path. Thanks to Larry.



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