What People Are Saying

Joy M. Souder has always been an amazing writer, but when I read the transcript of her new book, “Where is Joy?” I experienced that talent even more. In this book, Martell very clearly states what it feels like for a parent to lose a child, the maze of feelings and emotions one goes through, yet gives invaluable suggestions to those grieving and to those family members and friends who are trying to help. I highly recommend this book, “Where Is Joy?”  ——Belinda Milller

 “Beautifully written! Touching, inspiring, honest. People need to hear what is real from other Christians who have experienced such deep loss. You have put your spiritual journey into meaningful words. Thank you for sharing this story.”——Dr. Frank Scott, Director, Counseling Center, David Lipscomb University

“Honest and heart-wrenching, yet anchored in hope.” ——– Kate Motaung, author of Letters to Grief and A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging


Where Is Joy? Available Today on Amazon




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