Searching for Peace in the Valley of Grief

The picture above is from the top of STARR MOUNTAIN in Cherokee National Forest.  Jennifer saw this view the day she died and told Josh it was the most beautiful site she had ever seen.

My story begins in trauma, plods through depression and grief but eventually, it reaches a place of healing and hope. If you are in the midst of such pain, or if you know someone dealing with a life-changing brokenness, if you are seeking hope and healing for yourself, I pray my story will help you.  As I document the long road I traveled, I share resources, practices, suggestions, ideas, and experiences I encountered during my sixteen-year journey.

On April 13, 2002, I began my walk through the valley of grief and wondered if I would ever feel mended or healed. When I started writing my blog in 2012 it had been ten years since Jennifer died. I poured out my pain, sharing good times and bad, and I finally focused on writing this book in earnest in 2014.

See a video clip from Summer Celebration at Lipscomb, June, 2019.

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Joy Martell is interviewed by husband, Larry, about the death of their daughter and their long healing process.

What others are saying…

“Every broken-hearted soul you know needs this book.” Emalie

“This book gives invaluable suggestions to the grieving and to family members and friends who want to help. I highly recommend it for those in crisis or those who want to ease a loved one’s pain.” Belinda

16 thoughts on “Searching for Peace in the Valley of Grief

  1. Peggy Valentine

    Just a year before you lost Jennifer, I lost my daughter and grandson in tornado. I remember sitting in David’s office talking about your loss while I was in counseling with David. The journey is long and painful but then there is a place where you see the sunshine in the clouds. My daughter’s name was Elizabeth Joy.


  2. Lori Backer

    Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us. Every step leads us home. Our steps are not always on solid ground within our hearts and minds when dealing with sorrows. Thankful He helps us to place our feet in the places for healing and helping others.



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